Actor of the social economy

Actor of the social economy Share Let's think "future". Whether you are an actor or a consumer, you too can get involved. "In the social economy, we make a profit, but a profit for everyone. The promise of a fairer and more sustainable future is one we are committed to keeping. Understanding the social economy [...]

Official end of the work

Official end of works Share Welcome to eurakor! 4 years later, we are 100% operational. On 3 April 2021, we laid the tarmac around our building. This was an important milestone because it marked the end of the work on our site after several years of investment. Back in April 2017 (the last three photos) when we [...]

Les Ateliers de Blicquy becomes eurakor

Les Ateliers de Blicquy becomes eurakor Share New name, new place It's official, we are now eurakor. This name was chosen in collaboration with our employees. We all wanted to take a new step by choosing a name that would no longer refer solely to the sheltered workshops. What does our new name mean? - EU for [...]