Granulakor: towards a circular economy


eurakor has been selected by the Walloon Region in the framework of the "waste-resources 2021-2022" call for projects.

eurakor has chosen to invest in a more sustainable mode of production to support the transition to a circular economy.

Our project, GranulakorThe aim of the project is to facilitate the recycling of excavated soil (from the demolition of buildings and roads) through collective intelligence with the links in a value chain that have never met before and that together hold the keys to an attractive value proposition for local entrepreneurs.

GranulakorIn a few words:

  • A range of products for small local contractors, made from demolition waste.
  • A model of strengthened cooperation to provide good practice, expertise and shared responsibility for administrative and legal aspects to small recyclers to develop a range of quality products based on recycled aggregates from a roadworks excavated soil processing chain
  • A replicable pilot for a local premium recycled product chain

Products created from recycled aggregates may be beneficial for :

  • Fence installers ;
  • Garden contractors ;
  • Small construction companies ;
  • Municipalities ;
  • Small public procurement companies ;
  • And many others


Granulakor s mission is to contribute to Wallonia's great ambition to reduce waste, in particular by ensuring that what is still considered to be waste for the bin becomes a resource and is reused.

Granulakor is currently under development and will be fully operational by 2024.

Moving from a linear to a circular economy.