eurakor place the human in the heart.

Are you looking for a job that has an impact, is rewarding and suits your situation?

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Why apply to eurakor?

eurakor is a sheltered workshop whose main mission is to integrate people with disabilities into the world of work - offering them a rich experience both professionally and personally. Our company currently has 200 employees, 851 of whom are disabled. Our company, which operates in a wide range of sectors, promotes work based on a number of different values:
  • Wellness
  • Performance
  • Recognition
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Return on investment

Do you want to work as a labourer?

What you need

An AVIQ registration number (Agency for Quality of Life, responsible for the integration of people with disabilities).

Authorisation to work in an adapted work company.

For more information on this subject, or to arrange for formalities, we recommend that you contact L'L'Oréal directly.AVIQ.

What we can offer you

You will be offered a wide range of activities, including production, packaging, storage, sorting, assembly, cleaning, gardening, administrative duties, product quality control, etc...
Depending on your skills and your personal desires (and even your talents!), we'll try to find you a job in which you can flourish. Send us your application to :