5S method at eurakor


Currently under development in our production facilities, the method has the colour code at its core.

Orange is our favourite colour at eurakor... In our workshops, we will find a more diversified palette of colours.

With the help of our current interim operational director, Benoit ErpicumWe started to develop the 5S method, which originated in Japan. It was formalised for the first time in a large automotive company.

At eurakor, this method aims to achieve better visibility, increased security, motivated and efficient employees and satisfied customers.

In summary, what are the 5S? :

Seiri :
Eliminate everything that is unnecessary

Seiton :
Putting something away in a specific place so that you can find it immediately when you need it and without wasting time looking for it

Seiso :
Cleaning as a first step towards self-maintenance.

Seiketsu :
Standardise. Rules are defined. Visual management is recommended in order to eliminate the risks of disorder.

Shitsuke :
Respect the rules previously established.

In a nutshell,
Make the environment stable and reassuring.