Permeable and pervious concrete


eurakor is extending its range of proprietary products to include a quick-setting, comfortable and permeable pervious concrete and a highly porous hollow-core concrete.


Pervious concrete, developed in our laboratory, is mainly used outdoors to build garden paths, terraces, forecourts, pavements, car parks, swimming pool decks, garage downpipes, etc.

If you work in a gardening or public works company, this product will certainly be of interest to you.  

Its strengths?
The speed of the work, the comfort for bare feet and the permeability.



To complete our range, we have developed a pervious concrete, a product that is becoming indispensable in the construction sector due to its high porosity, which allows water to filter through. This product is mainly used for garden paths, swimming pool decks, pavements, forecourts, terraces, etc.

Its plus points :
✔️ Ready to use after mixing with water
✔️ Permeable
✔️ Quick-drying, lightweight product
✔️ Strong, stable and durable
✔️ Packaged in 25KG bags or 1 tonne big bags