24 April 2024

Eurakor values: recognition

eurakor has launched internal quarters dedicated to each of the company's values. The first value to be honoured is Recognition.

It is important to look after the well-being of its employees, so eurakor puts its values first. Starting with Recognition.

One of the main projects of the first quarter was "live my life".

Our management team had the opportunity to experience the life of the company's workers by spending a full day working alongside them: packaging, bagging, driving forklifts, cleaning, assembling etc. Whether it was our in-house assignments or our assignments at customer locations, our staff put their hands to work.

What are the objectives?
Understand more about the jobs in the field and rally around the same values.

Each member of the management team was then able to present a summary of their job within the organisation, as well as their impressions after having experienced this day in the field.

Our five values: Recognition, Performance, Quality, Well-being and Creativity.