Powder and liquid packaging

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With over 50 years of experience gained as Ateliers de Blicquy, today eurakor is a key player in mixing, sieving and bagging:

  • Industrial powders, granules and liquids
  • In open-mouth bags, valve bags, big bags.
  • In tankers, big bags, bottles, jars, cases, buckets.
Exports account for over 60% of our turnover (to France, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland).
eurakor can issue AGEFIPH certification for French businesses, and AVIQ certification for the public sector in Wallonia.

Your perfect partner for:

  • Launching your new products
  • Packaging and dosing your small or medium-sized series
  • Helping you during production peaks or in case of machinery breakdowns
  • Sieving your contaminated products
  • Repackaging your products in other packaging (debagging, packaging, cartoning)
  • Packaging all your cosmetic, perfumery, healthcare, detergent etc. products

We also offer:

  • Your own-branded bagged building materials
  • Production of your formulas, mixing and packaging of ready-to-use powders or granules from 5 g to 2 T, in full confidentiality
  • Filling of tankers or tipper trucks

Our own BLICQ brand: ready-mixed concrete, fast-setting concrete, mortar, cement, plaster, lime, chalk, iron sulphate etc.

We offer a broad and adaptable range of machines, including 16 baggers and 3 mixers.

We accept raw materials delivered in all forms of packaging.

We guarantee:

  • Outstanding quality
  • Listening, flexibility and speed of delivery
  • Efficient and effective project management: process monitoring, inventory management, traceability, quality control etc.
  • A dedicated logistics service
  • Strict respect for your privacy
  • Competitive pricing

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