External subcontracting in companies

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Two names, Ateliers de Blicquy, now Eurakor, to carry out a social mission of integration through work for over 50 years. We propose to make you actors of this mission via our service of secondment of qualified labour in your company.

Our detached teams can take care of your sorting, handling, packaging, cleaning, storage, archiving, administrative work, wrapping, and much more.

With a competitive hourly rate and supervision by our instructors, we provide a flexible service offering that can be quickly and efficiently implemented on your production site.

Not only do you get an expert and quality service with financial benefits, but you also participate in the integration of people with disabilities through work, working towards their stability and development.

By getting these people out of unemployment you are making a wider contribution to the well-being and harmony of our communities.


Management :

A monitor can be placed on request: compulsory from 10 people (AVIQ standards)

Follow-up of the staff we put in place on a travelling basis

Standard work clothes (including safety shoes) provided by us
Flexibility and versatility:

Speed of response

One-off, long-term or open-ended assignment (minimum 1 day of service)

No minimum number of operators or duration required (our staff is occupied according to your production rhythm and needs)

Possibility of stopping at least 3 days in advance

No breakage penalty
Administrative Management :

All the administrative part is managed by us (dimona, management of absences due to illness, holidays and other...)

One all-inclusive bill per month

In the event of an accident at work, the management is done by our services and is therefore not included in your statistics

Very competitive hourly rate

Decreasing hourly rate according to the number of people

No social charges

No paid leave or 13th month

Our secondment teams in action.