24 April 2024

Coup de Main: the new project launched by eurakor for individuals in the Leuze region

The new project launched by eurakor to meet the needs of individuals in the Leuze region.

Coup de Main (a helping hand) is a project launched by eurakor which aims to provide personalised services to the inhabitants of 📍 Leuze and its neighbouring areas:

🔹 Gardening and outdoors :
Lawn maintenance, hedge trimming, planting, terrace cleaning, weeding,...

🔹 Housekeeping :
Ironing, window cleaning, dusting, floor cleaning, small manual jobs

🔹 Races :
Supermarket, baker, bookshop,...

🔹 Delivery and storage :
Shopping, pellet, wood, coal,...

🔹 Moving
Young and old. Within a 35km radius of Leuze.

🔹 Removal of bulky items

🔹 Transport
Within a 35km radius of Leuze.

🔹 And others...

Coup de Main is for anyone who needs help with activities that they can no longer do, or no longer wish to do alone.

A service that aims to make everyday life easier and better for individuals, but also to extend our commitment to social inclusion beyond the b2b sector.

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