24 April 2024

Salon des Entreprises de Travail Adapté du Hainaut 2023 - SETAH

The Salon des Entreprises de Travail Adapté du Hainaut arrives in Wallonia !

In mid-2022, during an inter-professional meeting in Hainaut (Business Day), the idea of working together to create an event to promote the trades of Hainaut's ETAs (adapted work companies) between the Board for Development in Hainaut, Province of Hainaut and the Federation of Adapted Companies in Hainaut – FETAH (whose Chairman is the Chief Executive Officer of eurakor) has been issued.

No dedicated event has yet been organised, and this first one is being held in Wallonia.

As well as promoting entrepreneurship, this is also an opportunity for social and economic transition.

At the end of 2022, an initial feasibility meeting was held.

The aim of organising the show will be to promote the trades and expertise of the 22 ETAs in Hainaut to companies and individuals, and to encourage jobseekers with disabilities to apply to these ETAs.

The show will be held on 8 & 9 November 2023 at the LOUVEXPO (central location) and will take place over two days: a Job day on 8 November and a Business day on 9 November.

The target audiences are jobseekers, businesses and individuals (general public).

▷ The various objectives sought through this exhibition:

  • To raise awareness of the diversity of trades and services offered by the region's ETAs, while breaking down the outdated image of "protected workshops" during a Business day.
    This involves highlighting the advantages for a company of dealing with ETAs (CSR, financial advantages, diversity of supply, provision of staff, flexibility, proximity, quality, etc.).
  • Motivating jobseekers with disabilities (mental, physical, cognitive) to apply for a job with an ETA (AVIQ, FOREM, ....) at a Job day.
    This involves highlighting the facilities and advantages for these jobseekers of working within an ETA, with the presence of advisers such as AVIQ (social procedures), FOREM and other social partners to provide support.
  • Publicise the trades that can be approached by private individuals (open to the general public).
    Promoting the range of services available to individuals.

Information and registration for conferences and round tables on the website www.SETAH.BE