3 June 2024

Your construction and renovation products can now be packaged in film!

Wrapping your products in 2 units of film offers a number of advantages:

  1. Increased protection The film protects products from dust, moisture and damage during transport and storage, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.
  2. A commercial aspect Selling your products in pairs is commercially very attractive to your customers, who will find it both financially and practically worthwhile. It's also the ideal opportunity to offer them promotions (like 2+1 free)!
  3. Reducing transport costs By grouping products under film, you can optimise storage and transport space, which can reduce logistics costs.
  4. Ease of handling Film-wrapped products are easier to handle, move and store, increasing your operational efficiency.

By adopting film packaging for your products, you can not only improve your commercial efficiency and reduce your costs, but also offer better protection and presentation of your products, enhancing your attractiveness and competitiveness in the marketplace.