3 June 2024

eurakor, Carrefour and Vialto join forces for a major project

eurakor, Carrefour and Vialto join forces for a major project

We're extremely excited to unveil our most recent partnership with Carrefour (coordinated by Vialto), where we're working on packaging no fewer than 80,000 boxes, all made up of a variety of items you'd expect to find on the shelves of a supermarket.

This project represents a real logistical challenge:

  • We carefully handle and process an impressive 1,840,000 items.
  • The arrival of 1,100 pallets of incoming products demands impeccable organisation.
  • Preparing 1,429 pallets of finished products requires meticulous attention at every stage of the process.
  • With a total weight of goods of 560 tonnes, we are faced with a large-scale operation.
  • To carry out this mission, our dedicated team is fully committed to 26 days of work.

The success of such a project requires exceptional coordination, precise logistical management and highly competent, motivated staff. At eurakor, we're proud to have all these qualities!

We guarantee that each box will be meticulously assembled, to the highest quality standards, and ready for delivery to our customer. 

Until 12.05.2024, Carrefour is launching a digital savings card to save up for a box containing 20 free products and a chequebook containing numerous discount vouchers. The total value of the box is €30.