24 May 2024

eurakor adds a new value to its existing five.

The 5 initial values chosen by our company at the launch of its name and address change continue to guide our vision and actions:

  1. Recognition We attach great importance to listening carefully to our employees, customers and partners, whoever they may be. We want to recognise each other's work and promote mutual understanding.
  2. Creativity We're all about innovation and coming up with new ideas; dreaming big and exploring new avenues to continually improve.
  3. Quality We push ourselves to the limit to meet our customers' requirements, complying with standards and offering them high-quality products and services.
  4. Performance We do our utmost to achieve our objectives, move forward efficiently and regularly assess our progress in order to maintain continuous improvement.
  5. Well-being We create a safe and respectful working environment where everyone can develop both personally and professionally.

Recently, we decided to add a 6th value: Return on Investment.

6. Return on investment We evaluate the return on our investments to ensure efficient use of resources, sustained business growth and consistent decision-making.

Why this 6th value?

At eurakor, we are fully committed to our role as an economic and social player.

Our priority is to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the world of adapted work, while contributing to the success of our customers. We do our utmost to reconcile economic success with a positive social impact.

By including this 6th value, we want to emphasise our dual impact, both social and economic.